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Welcome to my website!

This is vegetablearian's new home on the web. I have a bunch of accounts all over the place, with various usernames: if I know you, hi! And if I don't, nice to meet you!


  • 26/06/2022 boone/courier shrine, poetry

    The poetry page isn't even really part of this site and idk how to format it yet but. Do you like poetry. If so go here. (It's not my poetry) I just made this for myself to keep offline but whatever it can go on here too right?

    I made a Boone/Courier shrine :) It's stupid but it makes me happy. I will keep adding to it.

  • 13/06/2022 small changes

    Sorting out the missing background problem in my AO3 skin is more complicated than I realised, not least because I'm exactly the right balance of lazy and motivated to just highlight things I can't read, but I think I'm finally there. Still nothing on the reported button issue.

    Some little changes to the Here's To Those Who Still Believe pages as I keep changing my thoughts on uploading the fic. Which is not only still unfinished, but I haven't even made any progess on recently.

  • 12/06/2022 ao3 skin

    I added some missing backgrounds to my AO3 skin!

    Still haven't found out any more about the button bug, or encountered it.

  • 07/06/2022 little fixes, and a request

    Someone found a problem with my AO3 skin: intermittently, on both mobile and desktop, the kudos etc. buttons don't work. I can't replicate this and I don't know how to begin fixing it. If you have experienced it too, or have any ideas on how to fix it, please contact me at my neocities profile, my tumblr or my DW. Thank you!

  • 05/06/2022 games diary update

    Probably could have updated this yesterday, but I didn't :) Happy Sunday, beautiful website visitors!

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