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This is my new little home on the internet. Isn't it cute? I think I've found the happy medium between my old sites and modern web design: in that it's still kind of ridiculous and OTT, but the font sizes are readable :) Well, I'm in my 30s and wear glasses now...

Here are some bumper stickers to help you understand my innermost psyche. If the self-insert Fallout fanfiction wasn't enough.

I also have a list of my favourite games!

This is the 4th version of the neocities layout, but you'd probably only tell it from the 1st by sight. I'm now generating it with a little python script - here it is, with instructions, if you want to do the same.



background image made from backgrounds by voyagergrafx on tumblr

list bullet icon

  • smiley face I think is an old Trillian smiley?


I made this website myself, but my husband helped with some 'modern' stuff like divs (which I'm still getting to grips with) and my cool css rainbows :) I would credit him, but he probably doesn't want his name as a professional web developer associated with a glorious work of art like this (I swear, nobody has any taste any more).


I made the pikasoldier from official Pokemon and Team Fortress 2 art. Isn't he sweet. The background is again by voyagergrafx


I think all my cursors are from Chroma Luna Designs and Totally Free Cursors, but I edit them, too. Those are good places to look for cursors, in any case :) This helped me get an animated gif for the link hover cursor! ♥

other graphics resources

some golden frame pngs | glitter text

My first neocities layout, pretty similar to this one but more vertical (and with the header/footer manually included on each page, which got old pretty fast!):

The third layout had frames if you didn't have javascript enabled (it was how I worked on the site too because I didn't want to run a local server). It was so cute, square and fat, and I kind of miss it already:

This ain't my first time at the website rodeo. I made a little history of vegetablearian.com and the Purple Petz Palace - it's got pictures and everything.

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