This is my new little home on the internet. Isn't it cute? I think I've found the happy medium between my old sites and modern web design: in that it's still kind of ridiculous and OTT, but the font sizes are readable :) Well, I'm in my 30s and wear glasses now...

This site has a javascript version and a frame version. They work and look pretty much the same, it's just that the frame version stays screen sized (1920x1080 screen sized, that is - but squat and square as I believe a website should be) and the js version stretches to fit the content. I work offline on the frame version because I guess Firefox doesn't trust me with the sharp scissors. There's always that moment of crossed fingers when I check the live page.



background image made from backgrounds by voyagergrafx on tumblr

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The credit for the javascript not-frame stuff goes to my husband, who probably doesn't want his name as a professional web developer associated with my magnificent rainbows. He also helped me a lot with other stuff that is new to me like divs... kind of have a phobia of divs... And he helped with all three of my cool css rainbows (the little buttons, the panes, and the text background) :)


I made the pikasoldier from official Pokemon and Team Fortress 2 art. Isn't he sweet. The background is again by voyagergrafx


the two cursors are from Chroma Luna Designs

My first neocities layout, pretty similar to this one but more vertical (and with the header/footer manually included on each page, which got old pretty fast!):

History of vegetablearian.com

I had my domain from 08/01/2001 until a few years ago, maybe 2019. I didn't do anything with it for the past decade or so, and I was mainly annoyed to lose my email address. But I wanted a website again, something that wasn't social media, and I'm so happy I found neocities :) vegetablearian.com rises from the ashes like a weird purple phoenix...

Here are some of my old layouts. I wish I had more! Most of these bragged on the splash page about being "chromeless popups". Dreadfully sorry this site doesn't do anything like that.