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What does being a fan mean?

"If you don't show appreciation for fanfic/fanart creators, they will stop making stuff!"

Why? What are they fans of? Attention?

I'd like to wonder if they also need gold stars for actually reading the book/watching the show/playing the game, but with all the streaming bullshit nowadays, maybe they do!

If someone wants to stop me writing fanfic they'll have to do a lot better than ignoring me. Pretty much everyone is ignoring you at any given time, obviously.

These people would wither and die before they finished their first shift down the rarepair mines.


Gatekeeping in fandoms is good and we need to bring it back. Right now it seems like we have a lot of normies in our midst who think we are weird nerds. Okay, so why don't they just leave again if they don't like what we're doing here? Or make an actual normal people having a normal level of interest in things club. It makes no sense for them to seek out the weird nerds, to call themselves weird nerds, and then act this way.

Originally the gatekeeping controversy or whatever you want to call it was actually about sexism, but because of sexism we had to pretend it wasn't and now we're in a right pickle I guess.

Basically I am not some kind of fake Star Trek fan because I don't know or care how long the ships are but I do know every episode my favourite characters appear in (and together), I do have huge chunks of dialogue memorised, etc. This is not a hard and fast rule by any means but one set of interests is more common in male fans and one is more common in female fans, to the point where some male fans were using this to say women are only pretending to be fans to find boyfriends (I don't know if this idea gets more or less funny when expressed on modern social media). I respect other fans' ~fannish interests~ (I hate using these kinds of words but I'm overexposed to them and have forgotten less annoying ways to put it, sorry!) and I think that that respect can go both ways. It's fine to think that someone else is wasting their time on utter nonsense so long as you respect that they are and salute them.

But if you don't have what the average person would consider an excessive level of knowledge of Star Trek in any area... go away from our forums lmao. Or at least respect that you're an outsider. You can still watch the shows! Lots of people are watching. It doesn't mean they're fans though - they just like it. I'm not saying fan is ~our word~ (though maybe I should: I mean, doesn't it have connotations of being deranged that some people are overlooking?) but please acknowledge the difference between being a big fan of something, who really loves it, and... you know, whatever is wrong/right with those of us who are fanfic writers and fanartists and screenshotters and transcribers and walkthrough writers and wiki editors and so on.

Vampires (but not the potentially fun kind)

I have seen people openly complaining that they only draw fanart to attempt to get eyes on their original art, and then, because they entirely lack shame, attempting to scold actual fans for not trying harder to launch their art careers. (Please don't think it's sufficient to say you like it, and absolutely do not think you can get away with simply being an audience. If you're not going door to door trying to sell prints for them - for no commission - you are scum and should be locked up.)

Why somebody would go online to tell everyone that they're a greedy user as well as an unremarkable - possibly incompetent - artist, I simply do not know.