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I like browsing neocities and seeing all the fun personal sites, but I realised I have a real problem estimating some people's ages. I see these scene kids with their shitty stamp collections and I assume they're 3 years younger than me (which is a huge age gap when you're 16, of course) and, well, some of them really are teenagers... but my head is calculating from the wrong starting year!

They love what they call scene/emo, which boils my emo blood. Scene was this new stupid thing for kids. Just like the stamps. Deviantart bullshit... Blinkies are okay. But buttons are where it's at. Stamps are just... so large. And large web elements are for old people, like me now, who can't read the cooler smaller stuff.

I know that the way I perceive disco, glam rock and hippies to all be one fairly cohesive mass will have the same effect on people a generation or two up from me. But I'm just reeling every time I see "scene/emo". That's not a thing! (Also emo was pejorative during its height... I was a "rock chick" lmao)

When I was a teenager on the internet we were into grunge, which was 10 years behind us. But these kids now (they're not only here on neocities, but I'm glad they are here) are emulating something 20 years behind them. I wonder if it means something about society, the speed of trends, how quickly things become retro? Or maybe we were just the coolest teenagers ever, who knows.

I certainly didn't think so. And it's kinda fun to see these new sites, but the only ones that actually look like old sites tend to be run by people my age (which, yeah, includes the original scene kids now, despite how different we felt at the time). The ones by today's teenagers are way more modern than they seem to realise. It's interesting to me. I guess it's kind of like the futuristic style of the late 90s, which was just another take on the 60s, but must have seemed deeply and disconcertingly 90s to people who remembered the original stuff.

My site is also very clearly of its time, but in the opposite way. I have the same sensibilities I did back then, more or less, but I'm not tied to the aesthetics. Mostly just because I can't be doing with teeny tiny pixel fonts any more. But I love doing things in css that I used to have to do in photoshop.