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Dragon Age!!

A little bio + story about my Warden Rina Tabris, with bonus appearance by my Inquisitor Adaia Lavellan. This is the super condensed version of the DA:O novelisation I've been working on for................ 10 years..............

I have a longstanding obsession with Dragon Age: Origins that can't be diminished by anything, even its shitty sequels (oh, okay, Inquisition is alright - still haven't finished that one yet though). Hey, there's plenty of DA2 and DAI content on my DA tumblr, canigetyoualadder :)

My favourite characters are Morrigan, Alistair and Zevran. That's my favourite party, too! I always play female Tabris and though she's hardly in the game, Shianni is one of my faves, too.