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  • FO1, FO2, FO3, FNV: Maybe You'll Think of Me - multiple ships/characters
    11.6k, 6 chapters, rated M for themes of trauma and bereavement
    A series of vignettes on family ties and the power of stories. Centred around Natalia Dubrovhsky and her descendants, including Catherine and Boone.
  • FNV: And I've Got No Defence For It - Boone/Female Courier
    13.8k, 3 chapters, rated E for explicit sex
    The Courier and Boone's trip to Vault 22 goes very badly wrong. But maybe there's a silver lining to this (spore) cloud.

Dragon Age: Origins

  • Warmth - Alistair/Zevran
    5.1k, rated T for innuendo
    Alistair isn't sure about sharing a room with Zevran.

Ocean's Trilogy

  • Gamble - Danny/Terry
    100 words, rated M for not-very-explicit sex
    Danny probably shouldn't keep going back.



  • FNV: Here's To Those Who Still Believe - multiple ships/characters
    463k finished, 521k including drafts - nowhere near done
    Novelisation, mainly Boone/Courier and Courier&Arcade, but also various relationships between companions & other characters.
  • FO1: And Skies Are Blue Once Again - Ian/Natalia
    about 30% done
    Natalia's to-do list is simple: 1. find water chip 2. have first kiss. If she doesn't manage to cross them both off before she turns 18, it's going to be a disaster!
    (I'm a huge Natalia/Ian shipper and I don't know why. I have a feeling I just ship player characters with the first companion - I am also a Courier/Boone and Dragonborn/Lydia shipper...)
  • FO2: Lord Knows, I'm Not A Schoolgirl - Tandi & Chosen One
    loosely drafted
    My Chosen One, Irina Dubrovhsky, is a speech-oriented character and a budding diplomat. This fic is about Tandi meeting her and seeing her late grandmother in her, and about how she's instrumental in NCR's expansion north both during and after the events of FO2. And why she doesn't end up succeeding Tandi as President.
  • FO2: Untitled - Chosen One/Miria
    need an idea!
    This is my same Chosen One, Irina Dubrovhsky. I think Miria is written so atrociously in the game, they made incest into a joke... I am a big Miria defender (hey, she's my wife) and I would love to write about Irina and Miria's relationship in more detail (it's touched on briefly in Maybe You'll Think of Me and will also be part of the background of Lord Knows, I'm Not A Schoolgirl, but that's not enough for my shippy heart!)
  • FNV: Untitled - House/OC
    like 1/6 done I guess?
    Sometimes my stories just come to me out of the blue and this is one. This takes place several decades before FNV and is about a woman who begs House for help when she's been just about cornered by cannibals (who are of course the eventual White Gloves). He relents and lets her in but decides it's too risky to let her out. So this is about his weird machine man feelings and also a kind of preview of the Courier's potential life in a gilded cage. (It's not actually a shippy story - House is unwilling/unable to recognise his feelings, and her feelings are pretty negative even when she's not flat out blanking him!)

Dragon Age: Origins

  • Untitled Novelisation - multiple ships/characters
    written 172k, most of which needs heavy rewriting, and I'm still like 1/3 done
    The adventures of Rina Tabris. This was the first fanfic I started as an adult - though it's still far from finished, and I haven't been working on it since I developed some kind of Fallout brain disease.
  • Untitled Sequel to Warmth - Alistair/Zevran
    I've got notes, and grand ideas
    Warmth, my assignment for Black Emporium 2020, was meant to be a longer and steamier fic. But maybe I'd bitten off more than I could chew for my first real fic. That, plus the aforementioned Fallout brain disease, really threw a spanner in my works. (Wow! There's a metaphor I could have used...) I want to write a sequel where Alistair becomes aware of his feelings and decides to act on them. I keep putting myself off by tentatively titling it 'Heat'. That's awful, right?
  • Untitled Vignettes - Alistair/Zevran
    I have a solid plan, and half of 2 of the scenes?
    Similarly to the 'Untitled Sequel to Warmth', this was going to be a treat for my giftee, using a bunch of their other sexy Zevran ideas. The format is Alistair getting some fun bedtime stories, in a way better mechanic than the one in the game where Zevran tells you about various murders he's committed. The idea is that these stories are all pretty wild, especially the one with the desire demon, but actually Zevran has all he could ever really want. Aww.

Star Trek

  • DS9: Untitled DS9 Rewrite - multiple ships/characters
    vaguely plotted
    I love DS9, but I have so many problems with it. This rewrite actually starts in TNG, and spares K'Ehleyr. So it's somewhat a K'Ehleyr/Worf fic, and things turn out better for Alexander. This frees up Jadzia for shipping with Kira. I am thinking Dax dies but Jadzia pulls through, which is a tragedy by itself and also part of why a certain Trill counsellor gets assigned to the station afterwards. I'm interested in how Kira's particular blend of spirituality and practicality could help Jadzia adjust to this loss, too. There are a bunch of other obvious-to-me ships like Garak/Bashir, Jake/Ziyal, as well as keeping canon stuff I like like Miles/Keiko, Sisko/Kasidy. But it's predominately about sparing two of Star Trek's tallest and most badass lady aliens. (Omg, is Worf a curse?!)
  • VOY: Untitled - B'Elanna/Seska
    very WIP
    I loved the friendship between these two ever since I started watching Voyager. And I really ship it and want to write a fic, but it's gonna have a sad ending, and I hate sad endings...
  • VOY: Untitled - Harry/Seven
    very WIP
    They're made for each other! It's obvious to me. I have a few ideas for this one, including it being actually a Janeway/Chakotay fic and they're kinda gossiping about their kids (in a Captain-Mom & First Officer-Dad way, obviously no-one here is really related: apart from Seven is enough Janeway's daughter and therefore Chakotay enough her stepfather for that unfortunately canon ship to be disgusting...)
    Is it weird to say that this ship, more than any of my many many others, reminds me of my own marriage? Haha. Maybe in 20 years we'll be Janeway/Chakotay.