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Welcome to the headquarters of my insane Fallout: New Vegas novelisation project! (Apart from my skull... stay back, Dr. Dala!)

What happens in WIP stays in WIP, until it's uploaded some day in the future (hopefully before 2077). Once the whole thing is written and I'm happy with it, I'll upload a chapter a week.

The fic

HTTWSB features my same Falloutified & dramatised self-insert Courier as Maybe You'll Think of Me and And I've Got No Defence For It (the latter of which is somewhat of an AU: it's not how they get together "in canon" lmao). It's about her adventures in the course of the game, her relationships with the other characters, and their relationships with one another.

The whole fic is told from the POV of companions. That's (in order of first appearance:) Cass, Boone, Veronica, Arcade, Raul, Joshua Graham, Christine, Ulysses. Joshua and Ulysses only narrate their respective DLCs: Christine also comes back to the Mojave with the Courier and gets promoted to main cast. :)

By frequency, so far it's mainly Boone and Arcade, and it's likely to stay that way. The Boone/Courier &Arcade relationship is the core of the whole story.

The end game pairings in this fic are Boone/Courier, Veronica/Christine, Arcade/Manny, and... Raul/Cass. I don't know if the latter snuck up on me because I'm a romantic and wanted to pair everyone off or what. But it happened. They never actually get together during the fic (the others all do), but it's always under the surface.

I'm going to post it as a series, because the "chapters" are so long (finished ones range so far from 4k to 81.7k). They have their own names, summaries, characters/pairings, so I think it makes sense. Even though posting one fic as a series is normally my pet hate! I'm probably going to post it as one fic after all. No idea what approach I'll take to character/relationship tagging. I might just link people here :)


I'll finish one day. (Fanfic... fanfic never changes. Women do, through the sex scenes they write.)

The total word count includes stray scenes from later chapters. It doesn't include my billion notes. Thank god for SmartEdit Writer (or, I suppose, thank its dev)

Date Chapters Word count (total) Notes
26/07/2020 - - - The day it all began...
05/08/2020 - 346 346 The first day I wrote more than notes!
04/07/2021 6 193k 270k This is when I started these updates.
01/09/2021 7 276k 319k
14/09/2021 8 301k 339k This chapter (9) has the first kiss. ♥
08/10/2021 9 348k 388k Here's the first Arcade/Manny scene.
27/10/2021 10 393k 434k
03/11/2021 12 418k 455k I finally finished the first chapter, too!
21/01/2022 13 437k 477k
07/02/2022 14 462k 499k
13/06/2022 14 463k 522k (Just to assure myself I'm still writing.)

Completed chapters - titles and summaries

But vegetablearian, what does this mean!

We're en route to Vegas to confront Benny. We've been to Vegas a few times, but steered clear of the Strip. We've recruited Boone, Arcade, Raul, ED-E, Cass and Veronica. Next and last for a long time is Rex! But technically, Boone will recruit him...

Yes, we're probably going to be past half a million words when we get to the beginning of the second act. Maybe I should run some kind of contest for just how far over we'll be at that point.

Romance report: the Courier and Boone have been a couple for a while, and shagging like rabbits whenever they have a moment's privacy. Boone has told her he loves her, but he feels weird about it due to widower problems (and she hasn't said it back, due to widow problems). Arcade is trying to tell Manny that they're just friends and friends obviously have sex in a way that isn't too insulting next to the whole unrequited Boone situation. Veronica totally can (can't) understand, because she is not still desperately in love with Christine and therefore is totally ready to find a new woman, you know, any day now. Cass is sulking that Arcade didn't introduce himself to her as gay, but she'll get over it. Raul is hoping to meet a nice ghoul lady or something, with a surprising (or not?) lack of urgency for someone who's been locked up for nearly 2 years. ED-E will continue to record whatever "human mating calls" he can. I typed that with a lot of judgment in my heart, but let's be honest, I'm no better, am I?


On 26/07/2020, I became obsessed with Fallout: New Vegas. A game I hadn't touched or even really thought of since I first tried to play it 5 years before. A game that had confused me so much when I got all the end game quests after leaving the Lucky 38 that I never finished it. A game in which I mainly remember pining sadly after Arcade and seeing Boone as nothing more than a steadfast comrade... getting off the pill really changes a woman.

I realised I wanted to play again and worse, write a fic. At the time, I was part way through a similar (similarly long, similarly insane) Dragon Age: Origins novelisation. I was so into DAO I entered an event, the fabulous Black Emporium Exchange, to write my first fanfic as an adult. And then, just after I got my assignment, I could only care about plasma pistols, not elves... (I did finish my assignment, though. That was what I wrote Warmth for, though I had grand plans for extra fics I never got around to. And my DAO WIP remains very in progress!)

I finished my first playthrough of FNV, and all the DLCs, too. It was fun, even though I spent nearly as much time taking notes as playing. I'll be honest, I find that plenty of fun, too.