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Welcome to my website!

This is vegetablearian's new home on the web. I have a bunch of accounts all over the place, with various usernames: if I know you, hi! And if I don't, nice to meet you!


  • 14/05/2022 new WIP, games diary update, new article

    No updates for a while because I've been so busy writing HTTWSB (no new chapter to report yet, though). Haven't gotten any further with TS3. But I have a new WIP and a new game in the game diary!

    I also wrote another article complaining about fan culture. I think at some point it can be combined with two of my other articles, but I need to think about it more. There is an ugliness at the heart of all this that is quite possibly encouraged if not created by the death of geocities and angelfire. Well, at least we're doing our part! :)

  • 27/04/2022 steam game covers, other page, sims diary

    I make custom covers for the steam games I love most whose library artwork I hate most (also just to enable me to look at Boone more often). And now you can have them too if you want them!

    I've shifted the 'other' page around a bit too. I am forever rearranging those boxes, but they're cute, aren't they?

    I have what ought to be a bigger announcement simswise: I'm done building/rebuilding Monte Vista! No pics yet though 'cause I still haven't started playing.

  • 24/04/2022 sims stuff

    Some updates to the sims section including the diary and the TS3 tips page. No pictures of beautiful Monte Vista yet 'cause yeah I'm still not done!

  • 23/04/2022 sims stuff; silly stuff

    Sims diary update, and I like how I can see (we all can see) right here on this page that apparently despite all my progress I'm still exactly where I was last update!

    New mini section about stupid videos I would make if I knew how. You can imagine them at home. Maybe you can imagine some ads whilst you're at it, and I'll imagine the millions I'd rake in. At least one of them isn't actually silly, maybe more depending on your preferences :)

  • 20/04/2022 sims stuff

    I've been adding more links to the TS3 mods page. No diary updates for a while because I've been building like mad. I actually maybe possibly have every lot in place now - main thing left is to decorate the big museum. :)

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