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Gaming diary: what has vegetablearian been playing...? (It's more mysterious to me than you'd expect. The safe answer is "Skyrim")

If I read a book this year, I'll make a page about that, too!

Fun with websites

Make your own site!: Let the blind lead the blind... hey, it's free!

Static site generator: Super simple :)

Skins for other sites: AO3, tumblr, DuckDuckGo

I love/hate the internet

Thoughts on the web: Old man yelling at clouds - except a young woman.

You should be on Dreamwidth: This article originally had a point that wasn't that.

The retro web: neocities makes me feel old

Fans and fandom

Fictional widowers: let's dispose of "fridging"

Gratitude: online fan culture has lost the concept!

Fake fans: fandom is for fans, not your business opportunity


A page about the empire I always play as, the Great Alarian Harmony, as well as my other custom empires!

Misc game stuff

trials and tribulations of a girl gamer

music I associate with games

steam library picture replacements :)


3 baking recipes: a victoria sponge, shortcrust pastry, and jam tarts to make with your pastry