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  • 12/04/2022 glitter text

    I remade the new glitter header on the Here's To Those Who Still Believe pages in my fun fancy css+gif version :) It feels kind of perverted to have a big string of h2s all in a row like that, but they are really all the h2, so... The gifs are from the glitter text generator site!

    You can sing along with Frank Sinatra using my new lyrics. "Believe" is a useful word to stretch out over several notes; you need "here's to those who / still believe" for "here's to the losers, bless them all", and you're on your own for the bridge. I look forward to hearing your renditions - I know you're all big fans of my unpublished unfinished fanfic you haven't read.

  • 11/04/2022 sims stuff; fallout stuff

    Amongst other things, I made a list of my traits as a Sims 3 sim :)

    I added a little more to the Fallout page, including little portraits of my favourite snipers! So cute! (They are heartless killers) I love them ♥

    I made some glitter headers for Here's To Those Who Still Believe ages ago and never got around to using them. And now I'm using all 7. :D I've also made my own img-css glitter text, to replace the act markers I was never super happy with!

  • 09/04/2022 sims stuff

    I keep updating the sims pages and not mentioning it here. Oops!

  • 05/04/2022 new games stuff, css tweaks

    I was probably meant to be doing something else, but instead I made (my best attempt at) a list of my favourite games. It's not short but it's pretty sweet (precisely unlike your titchy and evil webmistress)

    I'm trying out new css styling for my stupid asides. Previously they shared a rule with information, like the little summary above. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I am too busy mopping up all these martini spills. :)

  • 04/04/2022 sims section redo, increased boone stupidity, new cursors!

    Sims pages have their own folder now. I've repaired (or, I believe I've repaired) the links and images in the sims section and the links in the current front page updates. I don't think there's anything else, but sorry if so!

    The whole section is better organised now. The diary is split by months and goes down the page instead of up the page per day, down the page within the days... There's a lot left to tidy up, but the whole thing is more on-purpose, now.

    More glitter text on the shrines page. Also, for the first time in 10 years, I've understood how to make/edit gifs in my version of photoshop. A new (horrifying) era has begun!

    In a complete contrast to the statement above, we now finally have ~animated gif cursors~ which are actually individual frames animated by css (also pngs, but that's besides the point). I'm just proving my immense versatility (and lack of taste; but I hope you enjoy the... tasty... new cursors hehehehe)

  • 03/04/2022 sims diary

    I've been making little sims updates without mentioning here. But this one is fun: pics of my new arcade lot! There's bowling and milkshakes and movies and all kinds of things to do :)

  • 01/04/2022 prettifying shrines page, nav rehaul, new pages!

    Still haven't gotten around to making the complete directories for my Star Trek and Dragon Age tumblrs, but the Fallout one is cuter now! I got to grips with the css float property and now everything can have little infoboxes and side panels, ooooh informative...

    Big update, as threatened! New navbar with links to the new Dragon Age, Fallout and Sims pages! (Okay, to the new Dragon Age and Fallout pages. The Sims page is only semi-new at this point. But the link is brand new!) The Dragon Age page is quite sad and pathetic looking for now, and the Fallout page is kind of silly (did you ever think this site lacked for glitter text? It did, right? But you were too polite to say). But now the navbar dividers actually divide the sidebar instead of merely bookending it! Here is another one, just for fun:

    Now there's lots of room on the other page. Room for more pages :)

  • 31/03/2022 sims updates, game music thoughts, rss tips

    Sims diary: I've nearly finished building the pool :)

    It's actually past midnight for this later update but ssshh we'll stay in the same list item. I found out how to subscribe to youtube and tumblr rss feeds, and I typed up how to subscribe to WP-based blogs that don't show a feed link "Typed up"... I'm making it sound so laborious lmao, it's half a sentence - because it's super easy! :D

    I also realised there's another angle to my associations between games and music, so I added it to my little page on the subject :) Good night! ♥

  • 30/03/2022 sims updates

    My in progress TS3 modding notes page is actually fairly well organised, to the point where it might be useful to other people!

  • 29/03/2022 sims updates

    The Sims 3 can be so complicated. I wrote up a big community lot plan and then realised I'd gotten something backwards that changes everything. However fun I think this game is, it must be 10x that for me to put up with all these (mostly self-inflicted) problems!

    Revamped the main sims page now I'm less insane, and added another (because I kind of am...)

  • 28/03/2022 new mods, sims updates, shrine organisation

    Well, new mod, at least. But as well as a brand spanking new Monte Vista sign default replacement, I added my previously uploaded Stellaris namelist to the mods page.

    I'm writing down about half of what I'm doing TS3-wise in the sims diary. I'm also sometimes adding to the resource page, but it's about 1% done.

    I wrote up (what ought to be) all of my Fallout tumblr tags on the shrines page. Star Trek and Dragon Age can wait, because that was exhausting!

    Another new mod: a chocolate birthday cake for TS3 :) So it really is "new mods" now!

    Because the mods page now has more than 3 things on it, I added a little navbar :)

  • 25/03/2022 I'm playing TS3

    Updated my sims diary and some other related pages; gonna be a big overhaul soon because I can now actually work from the game and not from scattered other people's sims pages like some ridiculous archaeologist (if only... if only we could still play the sims 3 and understand what these people were actually experiencing... so much has been lost...) My world plan is coming on at a rate of knots now - I'm giddy!

  • 24/03/2022 more sims stuff, fixed upload, reshuffled sims pages

    I'm trying to keep the insane stuff on this page and the slightly more comprehensible stuff on this one. It started so mild and lovely, look at that infobox, I was so proud of that. I think I might end up splitting it once more: a simpler list of installed ("installed") EPs along with my Monte Vista plans. And I've just started this page to be only resources. Them being called sims/sims2/sims3.html is going to get confusing lmao. At least if I make a separate Sims 1 page, sims1.html will be free!

    oh my GOD I didn't upload the images yesterday. Where is the neocities town square for me to self-flagellate in? (Oh, I guess it's here)

    Okay, I moved more notes onto the notes page. So things are looking a bit neater and tidier and no-one will think I am weird at all.

  • 23/03/2022 SIMS PAGE, tweaks

    I did it. It's the sims page. It has 2 pages. It's not finished. It's very long.

    Also rejiggled the other page, again, to accomodate this. I loved that grid at first but now it kind of (I can't swear on the front page) annoys me. If I actually do my labelled numbered diagrammed Monte Vista page, I might crack open a new sidebar nav entry for The Sims! Even Fallout doesn't get that!

    I changed a bunch of pages so I could have lists that aren't the list you're looking at right now. If things are ugly, just refresh the hell out of this site until it's cute again. I don't like how it caches the stylesheet so severely and I don't know how to fix it (or if it's really fixable at my end at all, without defeating half the point of an outside stylesheet anyway)

    I've also been updating the ao3 skin, but I warned you about that. I'm very rarely not updating that skin, tbh.

    Just in the time it took to proof this, I thought: maybe I should make Sims, Fallout and Dragon Age pages on the side. It used to be a little constrained by the height of the frame version, but it's not any more, so... Probably either I will do that within the hour or I won't update for a week!

  • 22/03/2022 new pages!
  • 19/03/2022 gaming diary update

    Goodness. People are going to start thinking I like computer games.

    I'm working on a new sims page, too. Right now it's just some hastily typed notes. Keep your eyes peeled (don't - please blink)

  • 18/03/2022 fixing old update pages, gaming diary update

    I fixed a misplaced entry on the old update pages. You might think the problem is that I don't understand how chronological order works (harsh but fair enough) or don't care about my website (harsh and untrue!), but actually I just don't know what year it is. It's 2022 if you're curious.

    Mishaps and mayhem in today's gaming diary update. Or, minor surmountable issues, idk, one or the other.

  • 16/03/2022 game diary update

    Another new game on the gaming diary. An actual new one! (By which I mean, it came out in 2012!)

  • 06/03/2022 game diary update

    I updated the gaming diary: not with a new game, but a new-to-the-diary game, which is probably the best it gets around here.

    It's my birthday! Happy Birthday to me...

    Pixel art by chibiville

    I feel simultaneously incredibly old and extremely young. I wonder if I'll feel this way next year, too?

  • 04/03/2022 reshuffled links page AGAIN, split update archive

    The links page is just one page again. It's not too long for one page. No idea what I was thinking yesterday. Forgive me.

    My shrines are still on a separate page, though :)

    The old updates page is now split by year. The way I've done it will get super annoying in a couple of years. Here's hoping, anyway :)

  • 03/03/2022 reshuffled links page, new links

    The links page is now the links pages, I guess? I split it up a bit when I added a bunch of RSS/Atom feeds I follow, as well as a bunch of mailing lists I'm subscribed to.

  • 02/03/2022 new article, new page

    New article about the retro web aesthetic. And how thoroughly decrepit it makes me feel. Did I mention it's my birthday this month?

    I added a gaming diary page. It's something I started doing on dreamwidth, but I think I prefer it here. Maybe I will talk about individual games in more detail there?

  • 01/03/2022 i <3 html

    This site no longer has a javascript version and a frames version. It's all html, css, love and insanity! Here's the static site generator I'm using if you're interested.

    I've uploaded two new articles I've been working on, on the other page, which has been slightly reshuffled to accomodate them. I'm not totally happy with them yet but sometimes publishing things helps immediately illuminate all the issues, right?

  • 28/02/2022 the smallest update

    One annoying thing about neocities is that I feel the need to excuse why my site has hopped up to the top of the last updated listings.

    I added the html lang attritube to all my pages. Why? Because I read about how useful it can be for things like hyphenation. Am I going to use that on this site? Probably not, but at least now it's a choice (like it wasn't already?)

    I literally added it to the html tag. It feels like perversion. I am already not on board with the doctype thing... I'm learning that we don't actually need that any more - the whole era where we did kind of passed me by - but it's 'correct' or whatever. I used to validate my html and everything, if you can believe it.

  • 07/02/2022 HTTWSB update

    Writing the latest chapter of Here's To Those Who Still Believe felt like pulling teeth, but I don't see why. I also don't see why I'm talking about it in such detail when it's not going to be available to read for probably a year or more. Maybe one day when you're reading it, you'll come and look at this on the old updates page for some reason. Until then... happy February, website visitors!

  • 21/01/2022 reshuffling directories, HTTWSB update

    You probably never would have known that I've moved the articles into an articles folder (so I can read the filelist better), but now you do.

    Finished a new chapter of Here's To Those Who Still Believe! It's a short chapter (... only... 18k) and I'd half written it before the writer's block, but I'm still happy :)

  • 17/01/2022 .css tweaks

    I've kept the differentiation between internal and external links, but I decided to do it in the (white, bold) titles with the underline and not any kind of highlighting effect. I had edited half the site before I realised I didn't need to enclose everything in spans for this to work... just to save anyone else the same misery, text-decoration-color is a thing. I don't know why I didn't know!

    I'm finally making progress again on Here's To Those Who Still Believe! No new chapter to report, but I'm so happy to get out of this rut. I got a lot of planning etc. done, and you can blame every new page on the site since the beginning of November on this bout of writer's block, but I'm writing again! Yay!

    (^ you can see one of the new link effects there lmao.)

  • 12/01/2022 new fic

    Finished and uploaded a fanfic! Not one of my many WIPs, but a drabble I wrote for a challenge. I watched the Ocean's trilogy for the first time recently and wanted to write a Danny/Terry fic and this was two birds with one stone.

  • 07/01/2022 new page, new article, new recipes, tweaks

    Bunch of stuff for the first real update of the year (yes, I've been silently correcting stuff again): misheard lyrics, thoughts on socialising online, recipes for shortcrust pastry and something to do with it - and some changes to the 'other' page to accommodate all this.

    At the time of this update, I'd just gotten my 5000th hit! Consequently, I'm selling the site to a trusted partner, so it can become your one-stop-shop for food delivery, healthcare, and disappointing exclusive in-house produced live action anime adaptations. (Pharaoh bazaar seller woman voice: I do my best to give the people what they want!) Actually, after trying and failing to find an upload of that voiceline for any visitors who've not had it burnt into their brains from hours playing the 1999 Impressions Games classic, I kind of feel like making a page about the game! There goes my multimillion deal.